Visual language and graphic facilitation

For: anyone who wants to learn the basics of visual language and how to use a mix of simple drawings, colour, words and metaphors in a professional context. Engage both your right and your left brain and have fun!

Next date: Autumn 2024, please contact me to register your interest. 

EVENING WORKSHOP: De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

For: anyone curious about this powerful method and how it can help you to strengthen critical thinking, run productive and collaborative meetings, take effective decisions, and explore issues more quickly to generate creative solutions.

Next date: October 2024, date to be confirmed

Facilitation skills for participatory meetings (2 days)

For: anyone who is called upon to facilitate participatory workshops or meetings to guide a group in reaching its objectives: team leaders, HR professionals, managers, trainers, or others wishing to become more skilled facilitators.

Next dates: tailor-made workshop; please contact me to discuss your needs

EVENING WORKSHOP: Boosting personal and team effectiveness — an introduction to Belbin Team Roles

For: professionals in all fields who’d like to learn how the Belbin Team Roles approach can help in developing self-management skills, understanding the unique contribution each person can make to a team, and building productive working relationships.

Next date: November 2024 (also on demand for individual teams)

Personal strategy days in the mountains (1 or 2 days)

For: anyone needing a day's breathing space to map out an individual strategy to meet professional or personal objectives. Be inspired by the creative use of visual thinking tools in a mountain setting.

Next dates:  12 September, 11 October, or please contact me for other options

Writing to communicate science (2 days)

For: doctoral students in the natural sciences (physical or biological) who need to develop their skills and confidence in communicating science effectively in writing. Emphasis is placed on theses, conference papers and research articles for submission to international journals. 

Next dates: Tuesday 3 & Wednesday 4 December, or please contact me for online options

Scientific writing retreat in the mountains for post-docs (2 days)

For: post-docs and other early-stage researchers wanting to plan and draft research paper(s) to submit for publication, learn and apply techniques for making writing more effective, and get constructive feedback from an experienced facilitator and from other research scientists.

Next dates: Tuesday 10 & Wednesday 11 September 2024, dates to be confirmed

Belbin Team Role profiling for team performance (1 day)

For: team managers and team members motivated to improve both performance and work satisfaction, better use their strengths to advantage, and ensure complementarity of talents within a team.

Next date: on demand, please contact me for further information

Venues and dates

Where not already specified, workshops will be organized in the Geneva, Lausanne or Zurich areas or in the mountains depending on demand.

If the next scheduled dates don’t suit you, check your preferred months for alternatives or contact me for further dates. Additional workshops will be offered if there are enough requests.


Come along to an open workshop — enjoy highly interactive learning, gain skills and confidence