Strategy, communication, team effectiveness — familiar challenges?

  • Do your strategy discussions ever go round in circles, with no clear way forward?
  • Would your organization's results, relationships and reputation benefit if people communicated more effectively? Internally with colleagues or between business units? Or externally with customers, partners, the research community or the general public?
  • Despite competent, qualified individuals, is your team sometimes unproductive?


If yes... I can help

I offer consulting, facilitation and training services to support teams and individuals in:

Be inspired

Whatever your challenges, be inspired by working in new ways:

  • Experience the power of simple visuals to tap your creativity, share ideas, think and communicate more effectively.
  • Tackle priorities or take time to reflect on strategy at a facilitated workshop in the calm of the Swiss mountains — fresh air for fresh thinking.

Whether you're interested in a tailor-made solution, an open workshop or simply more information, please contact me to see how we can work together.

Mountain workshops


Clear Thinking – Clear Communication
A winning combination