One day, as an open workshop or on demand and customized to suit your team

Belbin Team Role profiling for team performance


Do you have to deal with teams that seem not to “pull together”? Do you manage a team that isn’t performing as well as it could, despite competent, qualified people? Do you feel team spirit is sometimes jeopardized by “difficult” team members? Do you want to help your staff better understand the specific strengths each individual can bring to any team situation?

If yes… then contact me to organize a one-day participatory workshop to show how Belbin Team Role profiling can help your organization improve both performance and work satisfaction, better use team members’ strengths to advantage, and ensure complementarity of talents for team effectiveness.

What will you gain from the workshop?

Before the workshop, we will ask all participants to complete an online self-assessment questionnaire (approx. 20 min).  We will also ask each participant if possible* to get at least four work colleagues to complete a short questionnaire about him or her (10 min). These questionnaires will enable us to generate an individual Belbin Team Role report on each participant's Team Role preferences and their implications.   

During the workshop we will mix short presentations, group discussions, team-based practical activities, individual feedback and self-reflection to help all participants to:

  • Understand the theory and practical applications of the Belbin approach in managing themselves in a group and managing their careers.
  • Increase awareness of their own strengths in terms of their preferred behaviours and unique contribution to a team (and compare their  self-evaluation with colleagues’ views of them).
  • Use this awareness to boost their own effectiveness by identifying ways to exploit their natural talents and manage their weaknesses.
  • Recognize Team Role preferences in others and use this knowledge to build productive relationships with work colleagues.
  • Develop an action plan to transfer learning directly to their own work environment.

* While it is not essential to have four colleagues complete the questionnaires, a more complete Belbin Team Role profile is obtained if this is possible.


The workshop will be run by Sarah Clark, accredited as a Belbin Team Role  facilitator. 

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