Effective communication — a leading indicator of organizational performance

Success in today’s professional environment is closely linked to effective communication. In business, science and the public sector, high-quality communication can bring enormous benefits to productivity, reputation, relationships and more.

But does ineffective communication — inside or outside your organization — sometimes create misunderstandings, damage relationships or block progress? Is constructive communication within your team ever replaced by interpersonal tension or outright hostility?

And is written communication achieving its purpose? Have you ever puzzled over a “proposal” to work out what exactly is being proposed? Or ploughed through a turgid report to end up wondering “So what”?


Unblock communication, boost performance — with visual thinking tools, Belbin Team Roles and communication skills training

If you would like to see changes, then contact me to discuss how I can help unblock communication with:

  • Visual thinking tools to reduce barriers to understanding, engage the group and catalyse creative dialogue.
  • Belbin Team Roles profiling to promote mutual trust and understanding within a team and help manage difficult working relationships.
  • Communication skills training, including tailor-made practical workshops and individual coaching in effective written communication (for managers, research scientists, academics or administrative staff) and open workshops in scientific writing for doctoral students and post-docs.


"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place"
— George Bernard Shaw