Liz’s career has spanned more than 25 years both in the international organizations and in the corporate world in Asia. Passionate about culturally diverse workplaces but not feeling a right fit in human resource administration, Liz took a personal leap of faith some 19 years ago, transitioning to Communications Training in Hong Kong. Having built her skills and experience there, Liz returned to the Staff Development & Learning Section of the United Nations in Geneva, initially teaching English, then delivering workshops on teambuilding, conflict resolution, mediation and diversity and finally as programme manager for the career support programme. Liz is now an independent facilitator/trainer/coach.  Her trademark is a simple interactive approach that makes not only learning impactful but provides a context to implement that learning back in the workplace.  

Liz is a Belbin accredited facilitator and an associate of Sarah Clark, with whom she works on Belbin Team Role profiling for individuals and groups.



Liz Tayfun